"Vote No" Contract Unity Signs

Order Vote No signs to mobilize members to vote to reject contract givebacks at UPS. 

10 Reasons to Vote No

UPSers are reviewing the proposed UPS contract. Here are ten reasons members say they will Vote No.

Read the Proposed UPS Deal

After the worst Information Brownout in Teamster history, the tentative deal reached between UPS and Hoffa’s negotiator Denis Taylor is finally seeing the light of day.

How Hybrid Drivers Would Gut Wages, Threaten Overtime & Eliminate Good Full-Time Jobs

The Two-Tier Hybrid Driver giveback would gut wages, threaten overtime, and eliminate good full-time jobs. Here's how. 

UPS Wage Offer Sells Part-Timers Short

UPS's contract offer sells part-timers short. Here's how.

22.3s vs 22.4 Two-Tier Hybrids: There's No Comparison!

Unlike 22.3 jobs, Hybrid Drivers cut wages to create more full-time jobs. We don't need to make givebacks to win more full-time jobs. 

Statement from UPS Teamsters United on UPS Tentative Agreement

Hoffa’s negotiator Denis Taylor and UPS have reached an “agreement in principle” on a proposed new five-year contract.

UPS Contract Unity Signs

Order contract unity signs to bring members together and send the company the message that we won’t accept contract givebacks or a weak deal.

Contract Unity Time

National UPS contract negotiations will be held from June 18-21.  While the company is at the bargaining table, we’ll be building Teamster contract unity and sending the company a message. You can help. 

Download the Latest Contract Update

UPS made $5 billion last year.  But the company is demanding givebacks and a substandard contract.

National UPS contract talks will be held from June 18-21.

While the company is at the bargaining table, members will be in parking lots and at UPS guard shacks and gates, passing out a Contract Update to let other UPSers know about some of the issues that are on the table and raising awareness of company demands that we need to defeat.

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