After No Vote, Contract Chaos at UPS

Hoffa’s Package Division Director Denis Taylor has created chaos and confusion by announcing that the UPS contract is ratified, even though members Voted No and UPS  announced the contract was rejected and negotiations would resume.

UPS Teamsters demand majority rule, a return to the bargaining table, and a vote on a new contract offer.  

Here's how the contract chaos unfolded.

After UPSers Voted No to reject the contract, the company issued a statement that, "We are disappointed the Small Package and Freight tentative agreements were not ratified." The company pledged to return to the bargaining table.

But after UPS announced it would respect the vote, Taylor blindsided the members and claimed the contract is ratified. "That's news to UPS," the press reported. 

It is a sad day when the company respects a contract vote by the members more than our union negotiator.

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Hoffa Go Back to the Bargaining Table

If the Hoffa administration disregards the No Vote and ratifies the contract, it will be giving a gift to union-busters everywhere by telling workers inside and outside our union that Teamster leaders don’t listen to the members.  

The General Executive Board should hold an emergency meeting to resolve this crisis.

General President Hoffa has the authority under the Constitution to respect the majority vote of the members, remove Taylor as the union negotiator, return to the bargaining table, and order a contract vote once a new offer has been reached. Any other outcome will betray the members and weaken our union. 

How Can They Do This?

Outraged members are asking how Taylor can overrule a vote of the members.

Taylor is citing a loophole in the Constitution that allows negotiators to accept a contract if fewer than half of the members vote— unless the contract is rejected by a two-thirds vote.

But that is only half of the story. The same section of the Constitution says the Negotiating Committee can go back to the table to bargain “additional provisions as can be negotiated by it.” [Article XII, Section 2(d)]

No national contract has ever been imposed after a majority of members Voted No since this two-thirds rule went into effect in amended in 1987.

UPSers need to demand that General President Hoffa respect the vote of the members, return to the bargaining table, and put an improved contract offer out to a vote.

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