Bargaining with UPS Behind Closed Doors

Hoffa’s chief negotiator Denis Taylor has been meeting privately with UPS and keeping even the National Negotiating Committee on the sidelines during contract negotiations. 

UPS Teamsters have been kept in the dark throughout contract negotiations. Now, even the National Negotiating Committee is being hit with an information brownout.

The union’s National Negotiating Committee met for only a few hours during the entire week of bargaining held April 9-12.  

On Wednesday, the National Negotiating Committee did not meet for a single minute—not with the company, not even to caucus among themselves.

The real negotiations are being done behind closed doors between Taylor and UPS brass.

A subcommittee, handpicked by Taylor, has reached several tentative agreements with the company on health and safety issues. But the National Negotiating Committee has not seen what’s been agreed to, let alone the membership.

This is no way to negotiate our union’s biggest contract.

National contract talks will resume on Monday, April 26 and continue through Thursday. 

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