COVID-19: Paid Leave & Short-Term Disability

UPS Teamsters are eligible for paid leave and short-term disability benefits if you are under a physician’s care for COVID-19 or have been advised by a physician, teladoc or state agency to self-quarantine.

Paid Leave If You Have COVID-19

UPS will pay up to two weeks (10 days) of fully-paid leave to Teamsters who are diagnosed with COVID-19, living with someone with COVID-19, or have been quarantined by a government agency, medical professional or UPS.

Full-time employees will receive eight hours per day. Part-time employees will receive 3.5 hours per day. 

To apply for the emergency paid leave, fill out the Emergency Leave Employee Request Form and email it to [email protected]

The approval process will take 5-7 business days from the time the email is submitted. To ensure no delays, it’s important to accurately fill out the form completely.

When the Two Weeks is Exhausted

After you have exhausted your ten days of fully-paid leave, you can use paid time off or you can apply for short-term disability benefits.

If an employee self-quarantines, uses paid time off (PTO), and is later diagnosed with COVID-19, the company will re-populate the Paid-Time-Off up to the 80/35 hours.

TeamCare Short-Term Disability Benefits

UPS Teamsters who are covered by TeamCare are eligible for short-term disability benefits if:

  • You are under a physician’s care for COVID-19
  • You been advised by a physician, teladoc or state agency to self-quarantine

TeamCare short-term disability benefits provide 60 percent of average weekly base pay up to $500 per week for up to 26 weeks, and includes continued health benefits.

Short-term disability benefits will not be paid at the same time that you are receiving paid leave or other compensation. 

Under TeamCare, members who are on lay-off, leave of absence, or terminated are not eligible for short-term disability.

You must contact Aetna to initiate your leave. Then complete the TeamCare Coronavirus Short-Term Disability Claim Form. 

Read the TeamCare bulletin for all the details.

UPSers Not Covered by TeamCare

UPSers who work in New Jersey or Rhode Island should apply for temporary disability benefits through the state programs.

UPS Teamsters who are covered by other Teamster plans should contact their locals or benefit funds.


COVID-19: Emergency Leave Employee Request Form


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