Hoffa Tries to Keep You from UPS Teamsters United

UPS is not the only one trying to block members from getting information from UPS Teamsters United. Hoffa’s Package Division is playing dirty tricks to try to keep you away from UPS Teamsters United, too. 


Yesterday, we reported that UPS filed a legal complaint to try to shut down the UPS Teamsters United website. We took on their corporate lawyers and forced UPS to withdraw their complaint.

The company's attack came on the heels of a cyber tricks by Hoffa-Hall. To confuse members and stop you from reaching UPS Teamsters United, Hoffa-Hall operatives bought the domain name www.UPSTeamstersUnited.com and redirected it to the Hoffa-controlled UPS Rising. 

Hoffa, Denis Taylor and UPS execs all want members in the dark. Too bad. UPS Teamsters United will continue to cut through the information Brownout. Most importantly, we will continue to organize UPS Teamsters to demand a contract that addresses the membership's issues. 

If you care about stopping givebacks and winning a fair contract, get in touch with us. There's a reason that Hoffa and the company are both trying to keep you away. 

Click here to sign up for contract updates and get involved with UPS Teamsters United.

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