Inside Workers Speak Out on Issues

UPS part-timers and full-time inside workers speak out on harassment and givebacks—and what they want to see in the next UPS contract.

Contract Unity Pledge Drive

Teamsters United has launched a Contract Unity Pledge to send UPS and the International Union a message that members are fed up with harassment and contract givebacks.

Teamster volunteers are asking UPSers to sign a Contract Unity Pledge that says, “I will stand with Teamster members at UPS to defeat harassment and contract givebacks and win the contract we deserve.”

Fred Zuckerman Statement: Don't Let Hoffa Settle Short

The UPS contract expires exactly one year from today. In the last two UPS contracts, the Hoffa-Hall crew has settled early and they have settled short. The contract expiration date gives us bargaining leverage. It’s time to use it to win the contract members deserve.  

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