How Hybrid Drivers Would Gut Wages, Threaten Overtime & Eliminate Good Full-Time Jobs

The Two-Tier Hybrid Driver giveback would gut wages, threaten overtime, and eliminate good full-time jobs. Here's how. 

Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers Would Gut Our Wages & Standards
Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers would be paid $6 to $16 less per hour than Package Drivers to deliver ground. They would have no 9.5 rights. This is a double-attack on good ground delivery jobs.

Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers Would Take Away Overtime We Rely On
This deal would let UPS give our overtime away to Hybrid Drivers and pay them as little as $20/hour to do it. We were promised stronger 9.5 rights to limit excessive overtime. Instead, we got a concession that gives UPS the incentive to take away normal overtime we rely on.

Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers Would Eliminate Good Full-Time Jobs
The Two-Tier Hybrid Driver deal lets UPS create 20,000 lower-paid package delivery jobs and it lets the company get out of creating 10,000 full-time 22.3 jobs that don’t require members to deliver ground. That’s lose-lose on full-time jobs.

Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers Would Let UPS Play Divide & Conquer
If this giveback is not rejected, up to 25% of the drivers in every building will be lower-paid drivers with no 9.5 rights. Management will pit higher-paid and lower-paid drivers against each other and play divide-and-conquer.

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