How To Vote & Get a Replacement Ballot

How To Vote

The contract vote will be done electronically. Balloting materials will be mailed between September 11-14 with a secure PIN to use to vote online or by telephone to a computer. 

The packet will also contain a sample ballot that will match what you will see on line, and instructions for how to vote.

Each member will be able to cast two votes: one vote on the National Master Contract, and one vote on your regional or local supplement.

Some members will be able to cast a third vote, on a local rider. 

When Will the Ballots Be Counted?

Ballots will be counted on October 5The ballots will be processed and counted by BallotPoint and your vote will be secret. We will have observers present to help monitor the process.

If You Don't Get Your Ballot

If you do not receive your balloting materials and PIN, or if you need replacement materials for any reason, call your local union.

You Local will check your address and confirm your identification by asking you for your Teamster ID (the last 4 digits of your social security number). Then, you will be sent a new PIN so you can vote by text or email.

Get Out the Vote!

We can defeat givebacks and win a better contract, if we Vote No in big numbers.

Vote and encourage your co-workers to vote. Show them how with your smartphone, talk it up, bring a copy of the sample ballot to work, distribute Vote No leaflets, and build that No Vote!


For Mobile Alerts,Text "UPS" TO 94253