IBT Puts UPS on Notice

The IBT has done what they refused to do five years ago—and put the company and the Federal Mediation Service on notice that UPS contract is expiring and up for negotiation.

The Hoffa administration came under fire by Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United for failing to notify the Federal Mediation Service five years ago— a move that weakened our leverage during the last round of contract negotiations when the International Union agreed to givebacks.

“The IBT is feeling the heat,” said Fred Zuckerman. “The membership at UPS and UPS Freight are fed up. We are not going to allow them to settle short or sell us out this time.”

The letters sent by Hoffa’s Package Division Director Denis Taylor also puts the company on notice that the UPS and UPS Freight contracts are not final, and are subject to renegotiation, if the members vote to reject the company's offer.

If the Hoffa administration comes back with another weak deal, members have the power to reject it and send our negotiators back to the table.

UPS made $5 billion last year. The money is there. We can win the contract we deserve, but only if we’re organized.

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