Inside Workers Speak Out on Issues

UPS part-timers and full-time inside workers speak out on harassment and givebacks—and what they want to see in the next UPS contract.

DSC_9357_thumb.jpgTeamsters United has launched a Contract Unity Pledge Drive to send UPS and the International Union a message that members are fed up with harassment and contract givebacks.

The next UPS contract can’t go into effect until it’s approved by a majority vote of the members. This gives UPSers leverage to win a better contract.

What issues need to be addressed for you to accept a contract? Tell us at

lennox-james-804.jpgEnd Poverty Wages

“There’s no excuse for a Fortune 500 company to pay poverty wages. If McDonalds workers can win $15 an hour, then the Teamsters can Fight for $15 starting pay and raise the wages of every part-timer.”

Lennox James, Local 804, New York



Richard-Hooker-CMYK.jpgHigher Wages for Every Part-Timer

 “A rising tide has to lift all boats. I support a $15 starting wage. But part-timers who are already on the payroll deserve an extra catch-up increase to honor our seniority and pay us all a living wage.”

Richard Hooker, Local 623, Philadelphia



Andrea-Aleman-Local-344-CMYK.jpgMore Full-Time Jobs 

“We need more full-time 22.3 jobs. Not everyone can go driving, and Part-Time America Won’t Work. UPS can easily create 10,000 full-time 22.3 jobs.”

Andrea Aleman, Local 344, Racine, Wis.



Omar_moreno-cmyk.jpgStop the Harassment

 “The contract prohibits harassment, but that language is a joke and everyone knows it. Article 37 needs to be rewritten to make UPS pay escalating penalties when they harass and overly supervise employees.”

Omar Moreno, Local 572, Gardena, Calif.



amy-hibbard-worldport-cmyk-lesspink.jpgHealthcare Cuts

“Over 100,000 part-timers in TeamCare and in the Southwest/Local 177 plan took healthcare cuts in the last contract. We were lied to about our coverage and the one-punch rule. The contract is our chance to reverse the cuts and improve our benefits.”

Amy Hibbard, Local 89, Louisville



Miguel-Ramos-close-CMYK.jpgMake UPS Deliver

 “UPS profits get better, but our working conditions and contracts are getting worse. This campaign is our chance as members to send UPS and the International Union a message that we won’t settle for another weak deal and five more years of the same problems.”

Miguel Ramos, Local 745, El Paso

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