UPS Proposes 70-Hour Work Week

UPS has a contract proposal on the table that would give the company the right to force package drivers to work up to 70 hours a week anytime they deem it necessary “to avoid service disruptions.”

Bargaining with UPS Behind Closed Doors

Hoffa’s chief negotiator Denis Taylor has been meeting privately with UPS and keeping even the National Negotiating Committee on the sidelines during contract negotiations. 

IBT Puts UPS on Notice

The IBT has done what they refused to do five years ago—and put the company and the Federal Mediation Service on notice that UPS contract is expiring and up for negotiation.

Who Needs the Raise -- Hoffa or Us?

Hoffa has hiked his pay to more than $150 an hour. UPSers are fighting for $15 starting pay and catch-up raises for every part-timer—and we won’t let him settle short.

UPS CEO More Than Triples His Pay

UPS CEO David Abney’s pay has more than tripled during the current contract. Last year UPS paid Abney $14.6 million in total compensation, or just over $7,000 an hour. Remember that, when the company pleads poverty in contract negotiations.   

Hoffa Tries to Keep You from UPS Teamsters United

UPS is not the only one trying to block members from getting information from UPS Teamsters United. Hoffa’s Package Division is playing dirty tricks to try to keep you away from UPS Teamsters United, too. 

UPS Tries to Take Over UPS Teamsters United

UPS is so desperate to keep you in the dark about contract negotiations that the company tried to seize control of the UPS Teamsters United website.

Hoffa’s UPS Negotiator Cuts Weak Deal on 9.5

First, he settled short on harassment. Now, Hoffa’s chief negotiator Denis Taylor has cut a weak deal with the company on excessive overtime.

IBT Surrenders on Harassment without a Fight

Hoffa's chief negotiator Denis Taylor has cut a deal with UPS that surrenders on harassment without a fight. 


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