UPS Tries to Take Over UPS Teamsters United

UPS is so desperate to keep you in the dark about contract negotiations that the company tried to seize control of the UPS Teamsters United website.

Hoffa’s UPS Negotiator Cuts Weak Deal on 9.5

First, he settled short on harassment. Now, Hoffa’s chief negotiator Denis Taylor has cut a weak deal with the company on excessive overtime.

IBT Surrenders on Harassment without a Fight

Hoffa's chief negotiator Denis Taylor has cut a deal with UPS that surrenders on harassment without a fight. 


UPS Teamsters United Contract Petition Drive

Fred Zuckerman announced on a national conference call on March 11 that Teamsters United has launched a petition drive to demand a fair UPS contract.

What’s Next for the UPS Contract?

In a nationwide conference call, Fred Zuckerman briefed members on negotiations and announced a UPS Teamsters United petition drive to fight for a good contract. 

First a Brownout, Now a Crackdown

Hoffa’s Package Division has expelled a member of the National Negotiating Committee for breaking the Information Brownout on contract negotiations.  Members have a right to know about their contract. Teamsters United is not backing down.

UPS Contract Negotiations Update

The International Union and UPS have wrapped up their second week of contract negotiations. Teamster members need to be ready to fight.

UPS Freight Negotiations Update

The National Negotiating Committee and UPS Freight completed their second week of contract talks on February 1.

The Union has many good proposals on the table. We can improve our substandard contract if the Hoffa administration stands their ground. The company is demanding givebacks to test the Hoffa administration and distract us from winning the improvements we need. We can’t let that happen.

70-Hour Work Weeks and Forced OT in Peak

The National Negotiating Committee did not include any proposal to stop six-day and 70-hour work weeks in the union’s opening bargaining page. But Package Division Director Denis Taylor promised a proposal will be submitted to UPS soon.

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