UPS Freight Sell-Out Rejected by Members

UPS Freight Teamsters have rejected the pitiful contract negotiated by the Hoffa administration by a vote of 4,255 to 2,601. More than 62% of UPS Freight Teamsters Voted No. 

UPSers Vote No & Reject Contract Givebacks

The ballots are counted and UPSers have spoken loud and clear by Voting No to reject a bad contract. The International Union announced they will return to the bargaining table with UPS.

It's up to UPSers to make sure that the negotiations are serious, and not for show. UPSers want the givebacks that caused us to Vote No to be taken off the table.

Hoffa's Negotiator Threatens to Overrule UPS Contract Vote

After teaming up with UPS management to push a Yes vote, the Hoffa administration is now threatening to impose the contract even if a majority of UPSers Vote No.

Nonunion Amazon's Minimum Wage is About to Top UPS's

If management and Hoffa get their way, Teamster new hires at UPS will soon be making less than nonunion Amazon workers.

UPS Contract is Up to the Members

There’s still time to Vote No to defeat contract givebacks at UPS.

Time to Vote at UPS

It's time to vote on the UPS contract. A ballot packet has been mailed to you. The power to stop contract givebacks and win a better contract is in your hands. 

Why a No Vote Does Not Mean a UPS Strike

The contract vote is underway and UPSers are Voting No to stop two-tier 22.4 drivers, take on harassment, subcontracting, and excessive overtime, and win $15 starting pay and catch-up raises for part-timers.

Hoffa and Denis Taylor are blitzing members with a Vote Yes propaganda campaign, including a postcard and text messages that claim that, if you Vote No, “You run the risk of a work stoppage without further review by the members.

A No Vote does not mean a strike at UPS. 

UPS Contract Vote Starts this Week. Here's What You Need to Know.

The UPS contract vote starts this week. Here's what you need to know. 

UPS & UPS Freight Deals Increase Subcontracting

One of the biggest lies in Hoffa’s Vote Yes campaign is that the UPS and UPSF contracts represent a victory over subcontracting. That’s a joke.

The truth is that the proposed contracts will increase subcontracting at both UPS and UPS Freight.

VIDEO: Stop Harassment & the Two-Tier 22.4 Giveback

The proposed contract will allow harassment and forced overtime to continue and let UPS make 25% of package driver jobs lower-paid 22.4 positions. We can't let that happen. 

UPSers nationwide are working together to Vote No and defeat contract givebacks. Will you help?  Watch and share these videos by texting the links to other UPSers and posting them on Facebook. 


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