Why a No Vote Does Not Mean a UPS Strike

The contract vote is underway and UPSers are Voting No to stop two-tier 22.4 drivers, take on harassment, subcontracting, and excessive overtime, and win $15 starting pay and catch-up raises for part-timers.

Hoffa and Denis Taylor are blitzing members with a Vote Yes propaganda campaign, including a postcard and text messages that claim that, if you Vote No, “You run the risk of a work stoppage without further review by the members.

A No Vote does not mean a strike at UPS. 

UPS Contract Vote Starts this Week. Here's What You Need to Know.

The UPS contract vote starts this week. Here's what you need to know. 

UPS & UPS Freight Deals Increase Subcontracting

One of the biggest lies in Hoffa’s Vote Yes campaign is that the UPS and UPSF contracts represent a victory over subcontracting. That’s a joke.

The truth is that the proposed contracts will increase subcontracting at both UPS and UPS Freight.

VIDEO: Stop Harassment & the Two-Tier 22.4 Giveback

The proposed contract will allow harassment and forced overtime to continue and let UPS make 25% of package driver jobs lower-paid 22.4 positions. We can't let that happen. 

UPSers nationwide are working together to Vote No and defeat contract givebacks. Will you help?  Watch and share these videos by texting the links to other UPSers and posting them on Facebook. 


Ken Hall is Mum on UPS Deal

UPS Teamsters are poised to vote on a proposed contract offer. Members are organizing Vote No rallies. Hoffa and the company are staging Vote Yes photo ops. But one man is totally silent: Ken Hall.

UPS and UPS Freight Ballots Will Be Mailed Next Week

The ballot materials for the UPS Freight contract and UPS package contract and all supplements will be mailed next week, between September 11 and September 14.

Fake News Alert. Hoffa Uses Phony Member Photos & Accounts

Hoffa’s Package Division and UPSrising have sent members nationwide an email and leaflet that uses photos from the internet to impersonate UPSers and fraudulently promote contract givebacks.

The Voting Procedure on the UPS Contract Explained

The balloting materials are tentatively scheduled to be mailed to all UPS Teamsters between September 11 and September 14. The count will be on October 5th. 

UPSers Take Action After the Vote No Telephone Town Hall

More than 5,000 UPS Teamsters participated in a Vote No Telephone Town Hall to discuss the proposed deal, make plans to defeat givebacks and win a better contract.  

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