22.3s vs 22.4 Two-Tier Hybrids: There's No Comparison!

Unlike 22.3 jobs, Hybrid Drivers cut wages to create more full-time jobs. We don't need to make givebacks to win more full-time jobs. 

The International Union has an offer from UPS on a five-year national contract. For now, the details of this proposed deal are still being kept from the members.  

Here's one thing we know for sure. UPS should not be allowed to pay $6 less per hour to use Hybrid Drivers to deliver ground packages. 

The International Union should end the information brownout so Teamster members at UPS can scrutinize the proposed national contract, discuss its pros and cons, and make an informed decision.

Stay informed. Review the proposed contract changes. Pass out contract bulletins from UPS Teamsters United. Discuss them with your fellow Teamsters.

It's our contract. Let's make UPS deliver.

Click here to sign the petition against two-tier Hybrid Drivers. 

Click here to download this Contract Bulletin. 


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