Get the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about what the Tentative Agreement means for part-timers at UPS. Download and share the Part-time Pay Q&A from UPS Teamsters United. 

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What raises will part-timers get under the contract?

Every current part-timer will get raises of at least $7.50 over the life of this contract. Some part-timers will get a raise of $8.50, $9, or even $10 an hour. By the end of the contract, every current part-timer will make a minimum of $25.75 an hour.

How do I know what my wage increases and pay will be? 

It depends on how much you are making right now, and how long you've been at UPS.

  • All current part-timers making $18.25/hour or less will be raised to $21/hour effective August 1 and get a general wage increase every August 1 after that.
  • All current part-timers making more than $18.25/hour will get a $2.75 raise effective August 1 and get a general wage increase every August 1 after that.
  • More than 62,000 part-timers will also get a one-time longevity increase.

What are the general wage increases each year? 

August 1, 2023: $2.75/hour (or $21/hour wage, whichever is higher)

August 1, 2024: $0.75/hour

August 1, 2025: $0.75/hour

August 1, 2026: $1.00/hour

August 1, 2027: $2.25/hour

Total: $7.50/hour

How do the longevity increases work?

Over 62,000 part-timers will get a one-time longevity increase on top of their general wage increase, based on their number of years working at the company.

  • 5-10 years              +$0.50/hr (19,000 workers)
  • 10-15 years            +$1.00/hr (17,000 workers)
  • 15+ years              +$1.50/hr (26,000 workers)

My building has a market rate adjustment (MRA). How am I affected? 

Part-time workers working under an MRA will get all general wage increases on top of the MRA.

What about new full-time inside jobs?

UPS must create 7,500 new full-time 22.3 jobs.

How do these wage increases compare to the past? 

These are by far the biggest part-time wage increases ever. In the last contract, the wage increase was $4.15. This time the raises range from $7.50 to $10.

How will pay work for part-timers hired AFTER August 1?

Pay for part-timers hired after August 1 will start at $21/hr. New hires will receive a 50¢ increase every year on their anniversary date. Starting pay will go up to $23 in 2027. Starting pay went up by $7.50 from 1982-2022. It will go up $7.50 in this one contract with a $5.50 jump in year one.

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