Make UPS Deliver for Part-Timers & Inside Workers

Makes UPS Deliver for ALL employees.

We Demand Higher Wages & More Full-Time Jobs

The proposed UPS contract will trap tens of thousands of part-timers at or near the $13 starting rate -- and it creates none of the full-time jobs we were promised. The only way for a part-timer to go full-time under this contract is to deliver ground packages and work weekends for substandard wages. 

We are united for a contract that includes:

  • Higher Part-Time Wages and $15 Starting Pay starting on August 1 with annual increases every year.
  • Catch-Up Raises For Current Part-Timers so we are well above the new $15 starting rate
  • 10,000 New Full-Time Jobs that don't require us to deliver ground and work weekends
  • Strong Protections and Monetary Penalties to Stop Harassment & Unfair Discipline
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