Statement from UPS Teamsters United on UPS Tentative Agreement

Hoffa’s negotiator Denis Taylor and UPS have reached an “agreement in principle” on a proposed new five-year contract.


While the full agreement is not out yet, the highlights that have been released by the International Union include many lowlights for working Teamsters, including two-tier hybrid drivers doing the same work for less, no catch-up raises for part-timers, and part-time starting pay of $13 which is less than the minimum wage in many areas. 

We do not know if the earlier deals on harassment and excessive overtime have been revised, but the tentative language that was previously released was weak.

The proposed deal will face a vote of the membership after contract negotiations are completed on the Supplements and Local Riders. Negotiations on those outstanding agreements are scheduled for July 9-12 in Minneapolis.

Following those negotiations, a two-person meeting will be held with two representatives from every Teamster local that represents UPS Teamsters. 

The International Union should end the information brownout so Teamster members at UPS can scrutinize the proposed national contract, discuss its pros and cons, and make an informed decision.

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Informing & Uniting the Members

Thanks to all the members who held Contract Unity actions this week to send the company a message that we won't accept givebacks or settle short.  

UPS Teamsters United will continue to put out contract bulletins to build unity and keep members informed through the ratification vote. Contract Unity signs are still available.

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UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots campaign by Teamster members to prevent givebacks and win the contract we deserve. We are independent of the Hoffa administration and independent of any slate for union office.

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