Time to Vote at UPS

It's time to vote on the UPS contract. A ballot packet has been mailed to you. The power to stop contract givebacks and win a better contract is in your hands. 

How to Vote & What to Do if You Don't Get Your Ballot
  • Vote No Stop the Two-Tier 22.4 Drivers: Don't let UPS pay lower wages to the next generation of drivers. Vote No and demand regular package driver wages and 9.5 rights for all package drivers.

  • Vote No to Win Higher Part-Time Wages: UPSers are voting no to win $15 starting pay and catch-up raises for current part-timers.

  • Vote No to Win More Full-Time Jobs: Under the proposed deal, the only way to get a new full-time job is to go driving as a 22.4 driver, work weekends, and get paid less money. Vote No to win full-time 22.3 jobs for part-timers.

  • Vote No to Stop Excessive Overtime: UPS can force drivers to work up to 70 hours during peak under this weak deal. The 9.5 system is still broken. UPS will not have to pay higher penalty pay or adjust your load when you work over 9.5. 

  • Vote No to Stop Subcontracting. Subcontracting will increase under new loopholes on rail work and Surepost.


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