UPS Drivers Speak Out on Issues

UPS drivers speak out on harassment and givebacks—and what they want to see in the next UPS contract.

maspeth_thumb.jpgTeamsters United has launched a Contract Unity Pledge Drive to send UPS and the International Union a message that members are fed up with harassment and contract givebacks.

The next UPS contract can’t go into effect until it’s approved by a majority vote of the members. This gives UPSers leverage to win a better contract.

What issues need to be addressed for you to accept a contract? Click here to tell us.

Omar_moreno-cmyk.jpgStop the Harassment

“The contract prohibits harassment, but that language is a joke and everyone knows it. Article 37 needs to be rewritten to make UPS pay escalating penalties when they harass and overly supervise employees.”

Omar Moreno, Local 572, Gardena, Calif.



fernando-maldonado-v2-cmyk.jpgUnfair Discipline

“Unfair discipline is out of control.  Management is using ‘dishonesty’ and ‘violating the methods’ as catch-alls to fire drivers on trumped up charges. It’s time to restore Innocent Until Proven Guilty.”

Fernando Maldonado, Local 804, New York



harold-armstrong-browns.jpgExcessive Overtime

“The 9.5 language has too many hoops and loopholes and UPS won’t stop overdispatching us until it’s fixed.

“Every driver should be opted in to the 9.5 list, unless you choose to opt out. For drivers on the list, all hours worked over 9.5 should automatically appear in your next paycheck at double time. UPS should face escalating penalties until the route is adjusted.”

Harold Armstrong, Local 667, Memphis


Jason-Smith-L100-CMYK.jpgJob Security, Not Subcontracting

“From feeder work to Surepost, UPS is always trying to give away our work to the lowest bidder. We need strong subcontracting language to protect our job security.”

Jason Smith, Local 100, Cincinnati



amy-hibbard-worldport-cmyk-lesspink.jpgHealthcare Cuts

“Over 100,000 UPS Teamsters took healthcare cuts in the last contract. We were lied to about our coverage and now we’re paying higher out-of-pocket costs. They need to reverse the cuts in the last contract by improving the benefits under Teamcare and the Southwest/177 plan—and they need to protect every UPSer from healthcare cuts.

Amy Hibbard, Local 89, Louisville


Ross-Thompson-L41.jpgPension & Retiree Healthcare

“Pension and retiree healthcare are top priorities for me. Hiking the cost of retiree healthcare is a pension cut through the back door. I’ve worked too hard to earn my retirement security and I won’t let anyone mess with it.”

Ross Thompson, Local 41, Kansas City, Mo.



Mark-Ham-Local100-CMYK.jpgPut Teeth in the Grievance Procedure

“Management isn’t afraid of grievances. They walk all over the contract. We need to put real teeth in the grievance procedure to make management pay the consequences when they violate our rights.”

Mark Ham, Local 238, Iowa



Miguel-Ramos-close-CMYK.jpgMake UPS Deliver“UPS profits get better, but our working conditions and contracts are getting worse. This campaign is our chance as members to send UPS and the International Union a message that we won’t settle for another weak deal and five more years of the same problems.”

Miguel Ramos, Local 745, El Paso

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