Vote Yes for Strike Authorization

A strike authorization ballot packet was mailed to every UPS Teamster on May 15. Vote Yes to send UPS a message that members will not accept givebacks.

The International Union is holding a strike authorization vote by electronic balloting. 

UPS made $4.9 billion in profits. A YES vote will give our union more leverage at the bargaining table—and we expect them to use it.

Voting Yes for strike authorization tells the company and the union that members demand a fair contract and that we will not settle short.

A YES vote does not mean there will be a strike. We will have the opportunity to vote on a contract offer from the company before the contract expires on July 31.

How the Vote Will Work

A strike authorization ballot packet was mailed to every UPS and UPS Freight Teamster on May 15.

The strike authorization vote is being done electronically. You were mailed a unique access code cast your ballot by phone or on the internet. No one will know how you voted.

If you do not receive your voting code by May 21, call your local union to request a replacement packet.

The deadline for voting is 8 p.m. on June 3. The vote count will be on June 5 so the union is armed with more leverage when negotiations are held on June 6.

See what a voting packet looks like.

Information Brownout Undermines Strike Vote

The Hoffa administration’s information brownout on contract negotiations undermines the strike vote. The IBT is not including any information about the contract issues or what we’re fighting for with the strike authorization ballot.

Some members have asked why they should vote to authorize a strike when they are being kept in the dark about negotiations. But voting No on a strike authorization would be a big mistake.

A weak Yes vote would send the company the wrong message and reduce our bargaining leverage.

It's up to all of us to shine a light through the information brownout and turn out a strong Yes vote.  Will you help?

Print and pass out this Strike Vote Bulletin to turn out a strong YES vote.

Sign up others UPSers to get Contract Updates from UPS Teamsters United.



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