UPS Wage Offer Sells Part-Timers Short

UPS's contract offer sells part-timers short. Here's how.

No Catch-Up Increases
We were promised catch-up increases to raise the pay of part-timers. Under UPS’s offer, part-timers would get $4.15 in raises over five years. There would be no catch-up increases for part-timers who have been underpaid for years.

No $15 Starting Pay
We were promised part-time starting pay of $15 an hour and extra raises to keep current part-timers above the new starting rate. Under the offer, starting pay would be just $13 an hour, with no extra raises for current part-timers.

Current Part-Timers Will Get a Smaller Increase Than New Hires
If the contract offer goes through, you would either get increased to $13 or you will get a raise of 70¢, whichever is more. Part-timers with less than three years seniority will make the same as new hires.

No New Full-Time 22.3 Jobs
Part-timers were promised 10,000 new full-time jobs that don’t require us to go driving. But under UPS’s offer, part-timers can only go full-time as 22.4 Hybrid Drivers. These jobs pay $6 an hour less than package drivers get to deliver ground.

It's our contract. Let's fight for it—including for fair wage increases for part-timers.

Stay informed. Review the proposed contract changes. Discuss them with your fellow Teamsters.

Download and distribute the new Contract Bulletin.

Click here to sign the petition to make UPS deliver for part-timers.

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