Use the smart strategy to make UPS pay up to $177/hour on supervisors working violations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-timer or a full-timer. Anyone can get it by using the smart strategy for supervisors working grievances.

Talk with senior full-timers on your shift or on the call-in list for extra work and agree on a system for filing supervisors working grievances and sharing the payouts.

When you see a supervisor working, document the grievance and have it filed in the name of a full-timer who’s making top rate.

The first two violations will be paid at double time. But the third violation by the same supervisor is eligible for the quadruple-time penalty under the new contract.

Grievance Tips

Include the details about where the supervisor worked, what work they did, and how long they worked, and witnesses if any.

The new contract requires all management personnel to wear ID badges, not just name tags, and to provide their name upon request. Use this right.

The grievance should be filled out in the name of a top-rate full-timer if you want to make UPS pay the maximum penalty.

Higher Penalties for Supervisors Working

"I’m excited for the increased financial penalties for supervisors working. This has been a big problem in my hub, and I have already won a grievance paid out at quadruple time which has encouraged other union members to file grievances on supervisors working too.”

Katherine Draken, Local 455

Denver, CO