UPS Contract Negotiations Update

The first week of UPS national contract negotiations is in the books and it ended with a bang. Our union sent company negotiators home with a contract proposal to eliminate the 22.4 classification and make all package drivers RPCDs. The company will respond when negotiations resume on Monday, May 22.

In the meantime, UPS Teamsters continue to mobilize to win contract improvements.

New Contract Campaign Materials

Teamster volunteers are distributing new contract campaign materials from UPS Teamsters United. Check them out and order yours here. 

Uniting to Win Better Pensions

On Saturday, May 20, UPS Teamsters from the 22 states covered by the IBT-UPS Pension Plan will hold a webinar on a campaign to make UPS deliver better pensions. The 60,000 UPSers covered by this plan receive much lower pensions than UPS Teamsters in our union’s other major pension plans. Click here to find out more and register for the webinar. 

Negotiations Update

National contract negotiations were held from May 8-11. 

In addition to the main negotiations room, our union squared off with management in a series of breakout meetings: Health and Safety, Article 37 (Harassment and Excessive Overtime), Premium Services (Subcontracting, Feeder and Sleeper Teams), Air, and Inside issues. 

As expected from the first week of bargaining, no agreements have been reached on our big ticket items and strike issues. 

This report from the International Union sums up the first tentative agreements that were reached. 

Talks on the NorCal Supplement and Local 89 Air Rider. Teamsters General Secretary Treasurer Fred Zuckerman warned that the IBT reserves the right to shut down national negotiations if the company continues to stonewall and drag its feet on completing those agreements. 

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