"Vote No" Contract Unity Signs

Order Vote No signs to mobilize members to vote to reject contract givebacks at UPS. 

UPS is making $6 billion in profits. But the proposed contract is full of givebacks. This deal paves the way for five more years of harassment, excessive overtime, subcontracting, and low-part-time wages--unless we stop it!

We can send UPS and the Hoffa administration back to the negotiating table to fix this broken deal. But that will only happen if we inform the members and Vote No on the proposed contract. Are you ready to do your part?

UPS Teamsters United has printed up new Vote No contract signs. Will you help reach out to UPSers and spread the word that it's time to get ready to Vote No?

Order Your Signs from UPS Teamsters United


webSign---All-I-Got.jpgcontract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part1.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part2.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part3.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part4.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part5.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part6.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part7.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part8.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part9.png contract-signs-july-final-no-bleeds_Part10.png

Order Your Vote No signs.


For Mobile Alerts,Text "UPS" TO 94253