Who We Are

UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots network of UPS Teamsters. We reversed a generation of givebacks and won major gains by mounting a yearlong contract campaign and strike threat at UPS. Now we’re organizing to enforce the contract, unionize Amazon, and build a stronger union.

We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates. 

Our History

The UPS Teamsters United campaign was started by Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) to bring UPSers together to win a good contract in 2018. 

After that contract was imposed on the membership, we led a rank and file campaign to eliminate the Two-Thirds Rule from the Teamster Constitution at the 2021 IBT Convention. 

We worked hard to elect the O’Brien-Zuckerman slate to International Union leadership–but we are independent of any slate for union office. 

In 2023, we united to win a strong contract. Now, we’re organizing to enforce it. 

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