UPS Teamsters United for a Good Contract

UPS Teamsters United is a network of UPS Teamsters who work together to win good contracts, enforce our rights, and build a stronger union. We are independent of the Hoffa administration and independent of any slate for union office.


UPS Teamsters United campaign was started by Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) to bring UPSers together to win a good contract in 2018.  

We oppose contract givebacks and we mobilized members to Vote No against the last contract. The majority of members Voted No, but the Hoffa administration imposed the contract. 

We oppose the Two-Thirds Rule which allowed Hoffa and Denis Taylor to impose contract givebacks and we are organizing to eliminate the Two-Thirds Rule from the Teamster Constitution at the 2021 IBT Convention.

We are working together to enforce the contract, end the two-thirds rule, and build a stronger union. 


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