Uniting Teamsters at UPS

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Uniting Teamsters at UPS

UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots network of Teamster members. We oppose contract givebacks and the Two-Thirds Rule. We work together to enforce our rights and build a stronger union. We are independent of the Hoffa administration and independent of any slate for union office.

This is not a UPS website. The official UPS website is www.ups.com

Members Take Action

"The contract vote showed that the majority of UPSers want better contracts and a union that stands up to the company. UPS Teamsters United brings UPSers together to achieve these goals."

– Nick Prather, Cincinnati OH Local 100

"The majority of UPSers voted No to reject a bad contract, but Hoffa used the Two-Thirds Rule to impose the contract. Together, we can eliminate this loophole from the Teamster Constitution so they can never impose givebacks on us again."

– Becky Bertke, Local 767, Dallas TX

"Vote No activists are running for local union office. UPS Teamsters want leaders who will stand up to the company—and stand up to Hoffa when he’s selling us out."

– Sean Williams, Charlotte NC Local 71

For Mobile Alerts,Text "UPS" TO 94253