Uniting to Win a Strong Contract

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Uniting for a Strong Contract

UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots campaign by Teamster members to prevent givebacks and win the contract we deserve. We are independent of the Hoffa administration and independent of any slate for union office.

This is not a UPS website. The official UPS website is www.ups.com

Members Speak Out

"Management has been able to rely on Hoffa and Hall to sell weak contracts. But those days are over. Seventy percent of UPSers voted against Hoffa in the election. We have the numbers to reject the national contract if it’s another bad deal. This gives us leverage to defeat givebacks and win a better contract."

– Gino Nuzzolilo, Local 170, Worcester

"UPSers are mad and we want change. We’re fed up with harassment and givebacks. The company has gotten its way the last couple of contracts. But it’s different this time. Members want change – and we’re going to stick together to fight for a better contract."

– Dennis Harper, Local 413, Columbus

"We're passing out Teamsters United contract bulletins. Management needs to see that members are getting the same information and uniting around the same demands at every UPS facility."

– Jason Smith, Local 100, Cincinnati

For Mobile Alerts, Text "CONTRACT" TO 94253