UPS Teamsters United is a pro-union grassroots network of Teamster members. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates. We are Teamsters helping Teamsters win the contract we deserve.


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Contract Campaign Webinar: UPS Strike Vote & Beyond - Saturday, June 10

Petition: Make UPS Deliver for Part-Time & Inside Workers

Click here to sign & share our petition to make UPS deliver for part-time and inside workers.

UPS is making record profits. It's time to make them deliver for every UPS Teamster. Sign & share our petition to unite behind our union's contract demands for part-time and inside workers!

Petition: Improve the IBT-UPS Pension

Click here to sign & share our petition to win better pensions for UPS Teamsters in the IBT-UPS Pension Fund.

The IBT-UPS Pension Plan covers over 60,000 full-time UPSers in 22 states. We work just as hard as every other UPSer. But we get $1,000 less every month than other UPS Teamsters when we retire. Sign & share this petition to support our union's fight for better pensions.

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