Petition: End Excessive Overtime at UPS

I stand with my fellow Teamsters at UPS to win contract changes that stop unwanted, forced overtime, including:

  • No Forced Sixth or Seventh Punches. Sixth and seventh punches must be voluntary and paid at time-and-a-half for part-timers.

  • 9.5 Rights for All Drivers. No more two-tier 22.4. Equal pay and 9.5 rights for all package drivers.

  • Automatic Payment of 9.5 Penalty Pay. Automatic triple time penalty pay without a grievance when we work over 9.5 hours on three days in a week.

  • Right to Bring the Truck Back on the third day we work over 9.5 hours in a week or when management violates an 8-hour request load.

UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots network of Teamster members. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates. We are Teamsters helping Teamsters win the contract we deserve.

9,744 signatures

Will you sign?