How to Hold a Parking Lot Meeting

Gathering before or after work for a quick meeting is a proven way to educate your co-workers and build unity to make your union stronger. Here's seven tips to help you be successful:

1) Don't try to do this alone! Work with a few of your friends and hopefully the steward to make a plan.

2) Focus on only one or two issues that are of concern to members right now. Plan to keep the meeting short and to the point.

3) Recruit one or two other members to be speakersmake sure you pick people from different groups and perspectives. Think about what would attract a wide variety of members, not just the usual suspects.

4) Turn out members with texts, emails and phone calls. Do it twice: the day before and a reminder on the day of your event.

5) Take attendance. Collect everyone’s email and cell phone info.

6) No one should leave empty handed. Have something about the issue(s) to give to everyone who attends the meeting.

7) What worked well? What could have been done better? Have a meeting immediately afterwards to evaluate and plan your next steps!