UPS Rural Deferred Program Increases Layoffs, Reduces Service

UPS’s new program to reduce service to rural areas screws employees and customers alike. A grievance demanding that UPS bargain over the effects of rural deferment has deadlocked at the national grievance panel and will go before an arbitrator.

Photo: US Department of Agriculture, Public Domain

UPS is reducing delivery service to customers who live in rural areas under its new “Rural Deferred Program.” 

Packages sent to customers in designated zip codes will be delayed. The move boosts company profits at the expense of customer service. 

While the program only affects one percent of volume to start, UPS can expand the number of affected zip codes. UPS refuses to say what zip codes are impacted. 

“The affected ZIP codes may change over time as we determine the effectiveness of the project so we are not releasing zip codes at this time,” a UPS Communications Manager Alida Velez told the press. 

UPS Teamsters can fight layoffs by enforcing the contract