Toolkit: May UPS Contract Update Call

Use these materials to spread the word about the UPS Teamsters United Zoom Event this Sunday, May 7. At our May Contract Campaign Update, you'll get a briefing on contract negotiations from IBT General Secretary-Treasurer and National Negotiating Committee Co-Chair Fred Zuckerman. Hear about the steps UPS Teamsters are taking to inform and unite other members. Order UPS Teamsters United contract campaign materials. Find out how you can help win the contract we deserve.

When passing out flyers, make sure you do so in non-work areas at non-work times: for example in the parking lot or in the break room.



TDU can help you plan a parking lot meeting or rally. Get in touch today.

Call: (313) 842-2600 / Email [email protected]

UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots network of Teamster members organizing to build the union’s contract campaign at UPS. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates.