Package Driver Daily Log Book

Use the UPS Teamsters United daily log books to track your day and defend yourself from management harassment.

The logbook contains a chart to record the basic facts every UPS driver should track each day.

  • When you punch in and out
  • When you leave and return to the building
  • Overtime
  • Pick-ups
  • Total stops
  • Driver release stops
  • Your car number
  • Road conditions
  • Total miles
  • Lunch and breaks
  • Problems and delays
  • Comments and instructions from supervisors

Track the Unusual 

A daily comment section provides room for notes on changes to delivery or pick-up areas, abusive or unusual instructions from management, or unusual conditions that affected your day. 

Look out for anything unusual in your day, and make a note of it like bad traffic, a load with a lot of out-of-the-way stops, or poor driving conditions.

OJS Rides

An especially important day to track is when a supervisor is riding along. If your load is set up like they are making a training video, take note.

The log book contains a tracking sheet to document your OJS rides and tips on important methods to follow. 

Practice following the methods every day so you’re prepared when management hops on your truck.

Discipline & Harassment

Keeping track of your day can give you backup if you’re facing production harassment or accused of stealing time—and it can help back management off.

Management is less likely to pick on the drivers who pay attention and keep track of their days. When they know you’re prepared for them, they tend to leave you alone.

The log book can help if you are accused of stealing time. But the log books are not designed to play into management fishing expeditions about your numbers. 

If you don't remember what happened, say so. Improvising an explanation can create a bigger can of worms and open the door to UPS management’s favorite charge: dishonesty.

Following UPS’s methods—instead of rushing to boost your production—is the best way to protect yourself.

Remember: our union contract only provides UPS "A fair day's work for a fair day's pay." The contract does not recognize any of UPS's production numbers. 

Don’t work off the clock. Don’t take personal time on the clock. Within that we don’t need to pay attention to their numbers.

Order Your Log Book

Order a package car log book or order bulk copies for other drivers. Passing out log books in your center is a great way to inform members and build unity in your center. Order them here.

Every Log Book includes OJS Checklists. 

Defend Yourself, Don’t Be Defensive

TDU’s Daily Log Book is designed to help members who are accused of stealing time or another disciplinable offense defend themselves.

Use the logbook to defend yourself. But don’t be defensive.

Still it never hurts to have written records to back you up.

Order a copy of the Package Car Log Book HERE.

Click here to order a Daily Log Book