UPS Teamsters on the Issues

Our contract expires on July 31, 2023. Members speak out on what we're fighting for and what it will take to win the contract we deserve. 

End Two-Tier 22.4

“Two-tier is a divide and conquer strategy. We’ve got to get rid of the 22.4 position and make all package drivers RPCDs with equal pay and the same 9.5 rights.”

Ronnie Hunter, Local 391, North Carolina

Part-Time Raises

“UPS can afford to pay part-timers more. The MRAs proved that. We need to win higher wages and contract language that stops UPS from taking away MRA increases.” 

Anna Grobe, Local 245, Springfield, MO

Forced, Excessive Overtime

"We work overtime five days a week, sometimes 12 hours a day. We don't need a 6th day of overtime. We need to hold the company accountable so we're not all overworked."  

Cody Ogden, Local 688, St Louis

No Inward-Facing Cameras

We’re already pushed to the line with telematics harassment. UPS needs to understand that inward-facing cameras are a dealbreaker.”
Seth Pacic, Dallas Local 767

More Full-Time Jobs

“UPS profits off of part-time throwaway jobs. The constant turnover hurts all of us. Together, we can win more 22.3 full-time jobs.” 
Raul Medina, Local 705, Chicago 

Ready to Strike If We Have To

“The membership needs to be prepared financially and emotionally for a strike. The company will try to intimidate us, but we can't be afraid to fight for our future."  

Manny Zertuche, Local 657, San Antonio TX