UPS Teamsters will be holding contract kickoff actions to mark the beginning of national contract negotiations in April. Register today for a UPS Teamsters United zoom call on Sunday, March 26. Get a contract campaign update and make plans for April kickoff actions.

Contract negotiations will begin on April 17. The wait is over but our fight for the contract we deserve is just beginning.

Our union is kicking off contract negotiations with a show of force.

Sean O'Brien and Fred Zuckerman will be holding a kickoff rally in Boston on Sunday, April 2. 

UPS Teamsters and local unions across the country will be holding rallies, parking lot meetings, and contract actions.

Register today for a UPS Teamsters United zoom call on Sunday, March 26 to find out more, get involved, and make plans. The call will be held at Noon Eastern, 11am Central, 10am Mountain and 9am Pacific.

The contract kickoff actions are a message to management.

When UPS sits down with Sean O’Brien, Fred Zuckerman and our national negotiating committee on April 17, management need to know that UPS Teamsters are united for a contract that will:

  • Deliver higher wages
  • Improve our pensions and protect our healthcare
  • Stop excessive overtime, strengthen 9.5 rights, and end forced 6th & 7th punch
  • End two-tier 22.4 and make all package drivers RPCDs
  • Win much higher part-time starting pay and catch-up raises for current part-timers
  • Make UPS create more full-time 22.3 jobs
  • End subcontracting – from feeder work to PVDs
  • Eliminate driver-facing cameras
  • Stop harassment and unfair discipline
  • Improving the grievance procedure
  • Make MLK Day and Juneteenth paid holidays

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