Online Workshop: From Contract Campaign to Contract Enforcement

We spent the last year uniting to win a strong contract. UPS will spend the next five years trying to violate it. We won’t let that happen! Register now for our online workshop on moving "From Contract Campaign to Contract Enforcement" on Sunday, December 10 at 12 PM EST/11 AM CT/10 AM MT/9AM PT. 

Supercharge Your Supervisors Working Grievances

Use the smart strategy to make UPS pay up to $177/hour on supervisors working violations.

Protect Your 8-Hour Guarantee

File a grievance and win if management takes away your 8-hour guarantee by using Code 5.

UPS Contract Enforcement

Together, we made UPS deliver better contract language. Now, it's time to enforce it. Here are some places to start. 

UPS Contract Victory and What's Next

Our union's mobilization campaign made UPS deliver a historic contract. Now it's time to enforce it.