As contract negotiations kick off, UPS Teamsters and local unions are holding rallies, parking lot meetings, and contract actions to show management that we’re united.

You can be a part of it. Check out the Contract Action Toolkit and contact us for help getting your parking lot meeting or rally set up.

Building Solidarity, One Parking Lot Meeting at a Time

The International Union is calling on UPS Teamsters and local unions to hold rallies and parking lot meetings to show UPS we’re united behind our bargaining demands. 

On April 2, hundreds of Teamsters joined Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman for a contract rally in Boston.

Two weeks later, in the opposite corner of the country, O’Brien rallied with hundreds of Southern California UPS Teamsters in Orange, CA.

Members hold a parking lot meeting in Stockton, CA's Local 439

Members Take Action

Over 1,300 Teamsters joined Sean O’Brien on a UPS Teamsters United “Get Ready for April Contract Actions” zoom to share strategies for organizing contract actions. 

Members have organized dozens of local rallies and parking lot meetings since.

“We bring members together before start time, talk about what’s at stake, and answer people’s questions,” said Justin Alo in Local 542.

Local 92 members in Canton, OH

“This was our first parking lot meeting for pre-loaders and it was a big hit,” said Damian Kungle, a Local 92 Teamster in Canton, Ohio. 

“Members were excited to get united and prepared to fight this summer. We plan on continuing to have regular parking lot meetings,” Kungle said.

Teamster-Community Solidarity

Local 804 members at Foster Avenue in Brooklyn

“We did a parking lot meeting to build momentum for a bigger contract rally the following week,” said Matt Leichenger at the Foster Avenue hub in Brooklyn. “More than 100 members turned out. Members spoke out from every classification.”

Members were joined by elected officials, including Congressional Representative Jamaal Bowman and community groups. 

“From low part-time wages to excessive overtime, the public relates to what we’re talking about and they stand with us,” said Leichenger. 

Des Moines Local 90

Kansas City Local 41

Providence Local 251

Burlington, VT Local 597

Canton, OH Local 92