UPS Teamsters are preparing for a possible strike at UPS on August 1. Here's what you need to know about strike benefits.

886_workshop_pic_II_thumb.jpgWhen Teamster members go on strike, they get paid weekly strike benefits.

Your weekly strike benefit is equal to five times your monthly dues. Monthly dues are 2.5 times your hourly rate of pay.

If you are an RPCD and you pay $104/month in dues, then your strike benefits will be $520/week If you are a part-timer who makes $20/hour and your dues are $50/month, your strike benefits will be $250/week.

The strike benefit for part-timers who make $16 or less is $200/week.

During a strike, TeamCare, which covers about half of UPS FT Teamsters and nearly all PT Teamsters, will cover H&W at no cost. Other fund policies vary, ask your fund or local union.  

Workers in so-called ‘right to work’ states who are not Teamsters do not get any strike benefits. That’s another good reason to join the union and unite for the contract we all deserve.

Striking Teamsters used to have to wait until the eighth day of a strike to get strike benefits—but not anymore.

Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman led the charge to change the Teamster Constitution so that members get strike benefits starting day one.  

Keep in mind, any strike at UPS is likely to be short. We decisively won the 1997 UPS strike in fifteen days.

The company cannot operate without us, and every day we are on strike will cost the company nearly $200 million.

United, we win! That’s not a slogan. That’s the truth!