UPS contract negotiations are resuming next week. If a tentative agreement is not reached, 340,000 UPS Teamsters will be on strike on August 1. Over 1,100 UPS Teamsters joined our Get Strike Ready webinar to learn how to organize an effective picket line and a winning strike.

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The webinar and briefing on strike preparation included:

  • How to get your building strike-ready 
  • Picketing do’s and don’ts 
  • What’s expected of you on a picket line
  • Picket line organization
  • Dealing with scabs, management, and police
  • Roles and responsibilities of picket line captains and volunteers
  • Ambulatory picketing

Check out the slides from our webinar here. Get strike preparation materials, like building rosters and route sheets, from our Strike Preparation Toolkit

You can also download the UPS Strike Q&A and the Contract Deadline Q&A.

Download a sample letter for use in ambulatory picketing. Your local may want to develop something similar. Ambulatory picketing should only be done in coordination with your local union. 

The IBT and Local Unions are in charge of strike organization. But we can all do our part. Get informed. Get involved. United, we win.

UPS Teamsters United is a network of UPS Teamsters. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates.