Wall Street and the company are getting theirs. Teamsters at UPS are coming for ours in the 2023 contract.

upsprofits_thumb.pngUPS reported record profits of $13.9 billion last year—and projects to make another $13.5 billion this year.

Wall Street and the company are getting theirs. Teamsters at UPS are coming for ours in the 2023 contract.

UPS Teamsters are leading the company’s eco-nomic success and profitability.

Peak season revenue in the U.S. was up by more than half a billion dollars compared to 2021. In comparison, company revenue from its international segment was down by $447 million.

As profits soar, Wall Street investors are cashing in. UPS paid $8.6 billion in cash last year alone to investors through dividends and share buybacks. (Source: UPS Pressroom)

While some Teamsters own stock, 72% of UPS stock is held by Wall Street investors.

CEO Carol Tome personally made more than $27.6 million in compensation.

In the meantime, UPS Teamsters have gotten smacked with two-tier 22.4, forced sixth punch-es, low part-time pay, and even wage cuts when the company arbitrarily reverses MRAs.

UPS’s Chief Financial Officer Brian Newman warned that 2023 will be “a bumpy year.” That’s not completely hype. The economy is slowing down—and we’ve seen layoffs. Amazon and FedEx have announced layoffs too.

Management wants us to lower our expectations, but their profit projections keep going up.

Wall Street analysts project that UPS’s profits for 2023 to 2026 will be $13.1 billion, $13.7 billion, $14.7 billion, and $15.9 billion.

UPS has the money to deliver the contract we deserve. We’re coming for what’s ours, and we’re not settling short.


“Every year we see more PVDs taking our work. This year, management even sent some trucks out to parking lots and had four to five PVDs taking trips from the truck all day. Management uses PVDs to eliminate good union jobs. Packages should be delivered by Teamster package drivers.”

Luis Rivera
Local 948, Visalia, Calif.

BEN_REYNOLDS_41.pngMake All 22.4 Drivers RPCDS

“As a 22.4 I get less pay and I have no 9.5 rights. We’re not giving UPS a choice in this contract. we’re making 22.4s into RPCDs and ending the two-tier system.” 

Ben Reynolds
Local 41, Kansas City

mo-spivey.JPGNew Full-Time 22.3 Jobs

“In the last con-tract, Hoffa let the company count 22.4 and sleeper jobs as new full-time inside 22.3 jobs. We need to make up that lost ground and more.”

Mo Spivey
Local 135, Indianapolis

Cody_Ogden_pic.jpegEliminate Forced 6th Punches

“We need to ban forced 6th punches and win stronger protections against unwanted forced overtime, including better 9.5 and 8-hour request language.”

Cody Ogden
Local 688, St. Louis

ATIRA_HAMILTON_L413_COLUMBUS.jpgPart-Time Raises & Stop MRA Abuse

“We deserve $25 starting pay and catch-up raises for part-timers who are already on the job. MRAs prove UPS can afford to pay a living wage.
If UPS puts an MRA in place, it should apply to buildings across the board—and the company should not be able to take MRA raises away.”

Atira Hamilton
Local 413, Columbus

WILETTA_COLEMAN_90-BW.pngRaise the IBT-UPS Pension

“The IBT-UPS Pension covers tens of thousands of UPS Teamsters in the Central and Southern Regions. Teamsters under this plan like me get a thousand per month less, or worse, compared to other UPS Teamsters. We need to improve the pension in our contract negotiations.

Willetta Coleman
Local 90, Des Moines

ANGELO_DEMMA_70.jpgEnd Feeder Subcontracting

“When UPS uses subcontractors, they are taking our work. They are destroying Teamster jobs and they are undermining our contractual agreements and our pensions.”

Angelo Demma
Local 70, Oakland

NY_TDU_member_Antoine_Andrews_'Bring_the_Heat'_to_UPS_-_July_2022.jpgNo Driver-Facing Cameras

“We need to ban driver-facing cameras and sensors. Management claims driver cameras are for our safety. If they cared about safety they’d be installing air conditioning in our trucks. The real issue is surveillance and harassment, and we need to take a stand.”

Antoine Andrews
Local 804, New York City