UPS Profits Are Up Yet Again

Hoffa-era contract givebacks continue to pay off for UPS. The company made $3.662 billion in operating profit in the first quarter, a $300 million increase over the same period last year. The money is there and we’re going to come for it in the 2023 contract.

ups-profits_thumb.jpgManagement affirmed its guidance to shareholders that the company will bring in $102 billion in 2022 and make $14 billion in profits. (UPS Releases 1Q 2022 Earnings.)

The company pledged to pay shareholders about $5.2 billion in dividends.  

And how is management paying back the employees who created these profits?

  • Management is paying lower two-tier wages to tens of thousands of 22.4 drivers.

  • Management cut the wages of tens of thousands of part-timers by unilaterally eliminating Market Rate Adjustments (MRAs)

  • Management is installing invasive inward-facing cameras to monitor and harass drivers.

This list could go on and on. But it’s not about pointing out the problems; it’s about fixing them.

Our union contract with UPS expires on August 1, 2023. We have 15 months to prepare, to organize, to unite and to win.

We have new International Union leadership that will have our backs. It’s up to each of us to seize this opportunity.

Start saving $50 a week. Be strike ready. UPS management has been cashing in on concessions. Now, it’s our turn.

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