UPS Strike Preparation Toolkit

The IBT and Local Unions are in charge of strike preparation. But we can all help get strike-ready. Get informed and get organized with the Strike Preparation Toolkit.

Our strike deadline is August 1 and picket signs are being shipped to Local Unions. There is still time for the company to make a contract offer and avert a strike.

Whichever path the company chooses, we are going to win. Use the Strike Preparation Toolkit at a parking lot meeting or at the gates to inform your co-workers and get your building more strike-ready. 

Get Your Building Strike Ready

Take these essential steps with Teamsters in your building to get more strike-ready.


UPS Strike Q&A

Address members' questions with the facts. The company is using rumors to play divide-and-conquer. We are uniting to win. 


Get Your Route Strike-Ready

During a strike, UPS may try to make deliveries, especially to priority customers. Federal laws gives strikers the right to extend our picket lines to locations while managers or scabs are attempting to make deliveries. This is called “ambulatory picketing" and it is a proven and effective tactic. 

Every driver should fill out a "Get Your Route Strike-Ready" form with a list of high-value and high-volume customers for strike captains to use to organize ambulatory picketing. Ambulatory picketing is regulated by law. All rules and do's and don'ts must be followed. 

UPS Teamster Strike Roster

In the event of a strike, members will need to be able to reach each other. Use the Strike-Ready Roster to collect the phone number of every member in your center or on your shift. Make sure to get a copy to your Local Union and the designated strike captains. Make a texting list from the roster so that you can reach everyone quickly. You may want to use an app like WhatsApp, Reach, or Signal.UPS_Teamsters_Strike_Ready_Roster.jpg

IBT Strike Captain Resources

Read the IBT Strike Captain Resources toolkit for additional detailed information. 

Contract Deadline Q&A

What happens if UPS makes a contract offer on or before July 31. Get answers to frequently asked questions about the contract deadline and contract voting in the event of a tentative agreement.

Webinar: Update & Q&A with Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien

For more information, watch the International Union webinar, including Q&A from Sean O'Brien on the Teamsters YouTube channel.

Transparency Builds Our Bargaining Power

For the first time ever, the Teamster leadership and National Negotiating Team are reporting to members the tentative agreements as they are reached during negotiations. The new tactic doesn’t just mean more information for members, it means more bargaining power.

Sign Now: Send a Message to UPS Before Our Strike Deadline

Sign the petition and stand with Sean O'Brien, Fred Zuckerman, and Teamsters nationwide to deliver a message to UPS 10 days before our contract expiration. 

On July 21, Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman will stand with UPS Teamsters in Atlanta – the home of UPS headquarters. Sign the petition to deliver a message to UPS before our strike deadline. 

UPS Teamsters United is an independent network of Teamsters and a project of Teamsters for a Democratic Union. We support our union's contract fight at UPS. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates.