UPS Teamsters will begin in-person voting to authorize a strike if UPS refuses to negotiate a fair agreement before the contract expires on July 31.

The strike authorization vote will be conducted in-person at local union halls, at UPS gates, or other locations as determined by your local union. The votes will be tallied and the results announced on June 16.

We urge every UPS Teamster to Vote Yes to win a strong contract. 

A YES vote on strike authorization does not mean we are going on strike. A YES vote gives the International Union authorization to call a strike if UPS refuses agree to a fair contract by July 31 when the current contract expires. 

Voting YES will give our union more leverage at the bargaining table.

Voting NO would undermine our ability to win a fair contract by reducing our union’s bargaining leverage.

Vote YES and send a message to management that members are united and ready to strike if that’s what it takes.