WEBINAR REGISTRATION IS CLOSED: Over 60,000 UPSers in the 22 states covered by the IBT-UPS Pension Plan get a lower pension than other UPS Teamsters. This contract, we can win the pensions we deserve. Find out how our pension compares to other UPS Teamsters and what we can do to make UPS deliver better pensions. We will post the webinar video on Monday. Click here to see our Contract Campaign Toolkit to Win Better Better Pensions and to order leaflets, petitions and signs. 

The IBT-UPS Pension Plan covers more than 60,000 UPS Teamsters in 22 states in the Central, South and Carolinas. (Click here for a list of the local unions with UPSers in the plan.)

We are the biggest pension plan covering UPS Teamsters, but we get the lowest pensions of all major Teamster pension funds.

Winning Pension Fairness

Our monthly 30-and-out pension is $3,800. The maximum pension payable at any age is $4,300 after 35 years of service. In comparison, Teamsters in the Western Conference Fund who retire with 30 years get over $5,000.

UPS Teamster pensions are also much higher in New England, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and other plans.  

This contract, we’re uniting to win the pensions we deserve. We can win $5,000 at least for 30-and-out and $5,500 or more for 35 and out, and future improvements.

Our National Negotiating Committee can get it in writing at the bargaining table, but UPS needs to see that rank-and-file Teamsters are taking up the fight.

Register today for the webinar for Teamsters in the IBT-UPS Pension Plan on Saturday, May 20 at 11am Eastern, 10am Central, 9am Mountain.

Find out more about the IBT-UPS pension and what we can do to win the pension we deserve.

Registration Closed

Pre-registration is required to join this webinar. Registration will close at 8am EDT on Saturday, May 20.

Fight for Every UPS Teamster Pension

UPS Teamsters are covered by more than a dozen pension plans, each one with different rules, funding levels, and benefits.

Our union is fighting to protect and improve pensions for all UPS Teamsters in 2023.

The Teamsters in the 22 states covered by the IBT-UPS Pension Plan are a unique case.

We are the only full-time UPSers that have our monthly pension benefit negotiated directly in the national contract. (See Article 34 on page 102 of the National Master Agreement) – and we have much lower pensions than other UPS Teamsters.

That’s why we are holding this webinar and joining forces across our different locals to work together to end our substandard pensions.

Most part-timers also have their pension benefit negotiated directly in the contract—and they need an increase too (see Article 34, Page 96).

Read more on UPS contract negotiations and Teamster pensions here.

UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots network of Teamsters at UPS. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates. We are Teamsters working together to build the contract campaign at UPS, and win the contract and pensions we deserve.