UPDATE: Peak Season Strike at UPS?

BREAKING UPDATE: UPS has agreed to reinstate the employees that were illegally laid off in retaliation for organizing with the Teamsters. The reinstatement victory avoids peak season strike action that loomed on Monday. All affected workers will receive full back pay and return to their positions on their next scheduled workdays.

Online Workshop: From Contract Campaign to Contract Enforcement

Hundreds of UPS Teamsters joined us to hear about moving from contract campaign to contract enforcement this Sunday. See a recording of our UPS Teamsters United webinar with guest speaker General President Sean O'Brien below. 

Protect Your 8-Hour Guarantee

File a grievance and win if management takes away your 8-hour guarantee by using Code 5.

UPS Contract Enforcement

Together, we made UPS deliver better contract language. Now, it's time to enforce it. Here are some places to start. 

UPS Contract Victory and What's Next

Our union's mobilization campaign made UPS deliver a historic contract. Now it's time to enforce it.